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Legacy Life Insurance

Agency Owner / Recruiter Position

TIER 1 - 100-% Starting Contract Level 1-3 / active down-line agents

TIER 2 - 110% Contract - $  5,000 weekly submitted business (personal and down-line total)

TIER 3 - 115% Contract - $10,000 weekly submitted business (personal and down-line total)

TIER 4 - 120% Contract - $20,000 weekly submitted business (personal and down-line total)

Why recruit with Legacy Life?     You receive an excellent commission package and have


Many IMO's pass on charges for their sub-agencies and the limits the recruiter/agency owner from recruiting as it becomes cost preventive.   Since we pass on no cost, you are free to recruit at will and enjoy the higher contract level as well as the overrides on your down-lines business!


Agent writing $2,000 weekly with no down-lines

$2,000.00 weekly commission (100% contract level)

Same agent with with 4 down-line plus himself with each writing $2,000 weekly production

$2,300.00 weekly commission ( you would now be at a 110% contract level)

$300.00 override on agent 1

$300.00 override on agent 2

$300.00 override on agent 3

$300.00 override on agent 4

Total commission for the week:   $3,500.00 weekly

In this example, you would go from $2,000 a week to $3,500 a week doing the exact same production with just the added effort of finding 4 other agents in need of a good contract and great leads!


We help you recruit!    Once you are on tier 2, we provide you your own website.   We also have thousands of agent email lists, marketing pieces, etc.!


1) You will receive trail commissions on your down-line's business for years to come.    You get paid based on their efforts!  

2) You can eventually stop writing personal business as your income from your down-line becomes enough to support you.   This is true freedom in that you are no longer tied to you own ability to generate commissions.

3) You get to go on the incentive trips to places like Fiji, Switzerland, Cancun, etc. based on your down-lines efforts!

Take the next step, recruit a friend!

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