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Why You Need Protection for Final Expenses:

After a home or car.....
Final Expenses may be one of the largest expenses your family will face.

 DID YOU KNOW......?

* Social Security's maximum lump sum death benefit, if you qualify, is only $255. (2003 Guide to Social Security & Medicare)

* The Veterans Administration final expense benefit, if you qualify, is only $300.

Where Will The Money Come From To Pay Your Final Expenses And Financial Obligations?

Source of Funds

There Are 4 Basic Sources of Funds to Pay Final Expense

> Family Must Spend Savings - (Probated)

> Family Must Sell Assets – Home, Ect. (Probated)

> Family Must Borrow Or Ask Relatives, Friends

> You Can Plan Ahead With Supplemental Coverage

Supplemental Coverage Really Could Be The Best Choice

Benefits Pass Outside Probate

+ Benefits are Creditor-Proof

+ Family Retains Savings

+ Family Retains Assets
+ Family Relieved Of Uncertainty & Embarrassment

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